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Kaila McAnulty

Relationship & Sex Therapy

Providing a wide range of services outside of sex and relationship therapy including: Child & Youth Mental Health services, treatment for addiction, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma and much more. 

Respectful and Confidential

Philosophy & Approach

We strives to build a solid foundation with clients so they leave feeling heard, respected and confident that their concerns are being handled professionally and with compassion.

Couple in deep consversation in silhouette.

Areas of Practice


Counselling for various relationship aspects such as Intimacy, communication, non-monogamy, relationship issues and more


Counselling for various aspects of sex such as hyper-sexuality, abuse, trauma, sexual dysfunctions, sexual deviance and more

Mental Health

Counselling and treatment for various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, trauma and more


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